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21.06Госдума приняла законопроект о реформе госпредприятия >>
21.06Большая часть звонков пришлась на мессенджер WhatsApp, выяснил оператор Tele2 >>
18.06Дело в безопасности – корпорацию подозревают в шпионаже в пользу правительства Китая >>
09.06Чтобы рассказать доступным детям языком о правилах безопасности на дорогах >>
09.06Такие устройства могут заметно снизить расходы на подключение абонентов >>
08.06Проект может оказаться дорогостоящим и сложным в реализации >>
04.06Павел Кузнецов должен улучшить отношения с московскими властями, планирующими гигантские затраты на развитие IT-инфраструктуры >>
04.06Гендиректор HMD Global Флориан Зайхе рассказывает о возрождении легендарного бренда Nokia и планах экспансии на российский рынок >>

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System integration is a complex of high-tech solutions increasing business efficiency, simplifying the network infrastructure and optimizing expenses of companies for telecommunication and IT services. System integration permits to successfully resolve tasks for creation of a well-developed telecommunication infrastructure required for most of today's enterprises. Such infrastructure enables to unite communication networks into a unified information space for transmission of various information.

Production of equipment – equipment developed and produced by the company enables to resolve a wide range of technical tasks. At present, the company produces wide-band access systems: line transmission equipment, multifunctional multiplexors, regenerators, management and software systems, cross equipment, measurement devices.

Design – a complicated and responsible process including both the massive technical component and the important financial part, since correctness of all calculations determine functionality, reliability and longevity of communication facilities, telecommunication and information systems.

Projects of various degree of complexity are implemented, taking into account specificity of business and desires of the customer, its financial and production resources.

Design covers the following areas:

Design of internal engineering systems:

  • internal communication, radio, television lines, LAN;
  • internal power supply lines up to 1000 V;
  • air conditioning, ventilation;
  • fire and intrusion alarm system, access control systems.

Design of external engineering networks and equipment:

  • fiber-optic lines and copper communication lines laid in the ground or conduit run;
  • overhead communication lines;
  • telephone conduits;
  • telephone pits;
  • power supply networks up to 35 kV;
  • wire radio and cable TV lines.

Design works may be done with implementation of the entire complex of measures associated with conduct of the project – from obtainment of technical specifications and approvals of designs from various instances to technical supervision and delivery of executive documentation to the customer.

Technical audit and consulting includes implementation of a complex of measures for receipt of objective data on the current status of networks and communication facilities and real evaluation thereof. Such data determine the level of correspondence of the infrastructure to the criteria set by the Customer and serve for preparation of strategic plans of further development of the client's communication facilities to facilitate efficient implementation of objectives of the core business of the client's company.

In order to ensure compliance of the IT infrastructure with business objectives of the company, a complex audit is carried out which enables to identify ways to improve efficiency and transparency of the IT infrastructure and minimize risks depending on the information system.

The company offers to its clients an individual process approach to conduct of a complex audit, IT infrastructure with the possibility to choose the following levels of the service depending on business purposes of the customer:

  • "Inspection of the IT infrastructure" for accounting of resources and obtainment of impartial information on the current status of the IT infrastructure of the company;
  • "Assessment of the current status of the IT infrastructure" to identify problems and check compliance of the IT infrastructure with business needs;
  • "Recommendations for adjustment of the IT infrastructure in accordance with business requirements" to reduce the probability of events hindering achievement of set business objectives.

Construction and assembly works – the company is specialized in execution of construction and assembly works, technical and service maintenance of completed capital construction facilities, emergency and repair-restoration works in private networks and common use communication networks.

Construction and assembly works are taken in the following directions:

  • construction and assembly of external communication networks and equipment of line communication facilities (installation and re-equipment of pits, construction and further laying of telephone conduits, construction of fiber-optic communication lines and LANs, laying of optic and electrical communication cables in the ground, conduits, collectors and tunnels, suspension of cables);
  • construction of power supply networks up to 35kV;
  • earthworks of any complexity including restoration, asphalt, landscape and planting works;
  • execution of cable passes by the trenchless method, method of horizontal directional drilling;
  • assembly of station facilities including works for grounding, power supply with backing, air conditioning, installation of false floors, laying of cable-ladders, internal cabling, fire safety and security systems;
  • organization of digital data transmission channels with assembly of SDH&PDH&ATM equipment and launch of Е1-Ех flows;
  • organization of subscriber access "last mile";
  • assembly and adjustment of MDSL subscriber access (station and subscriber parts);
  • assembly of office low-capacity ATS;
  • arrangement of internal engineering systems (internal communication, audio, television lines and power supply systems up to 1000 V) as well as assembly and installation of switchgear;
  • assembly of structured cable networks (SCNs);
  • creation of local area networks (LAN);
  • construction of wide-band access communication systems;
  • construction of cell communication base stations and radio access systems, installation of antennas for cell communication transmitters including supply of necessary equipment.

Only certified equipment, materials and parts are used for execution of construction and assembly works.

All the completed works are delivered to commissions of Glavgossvyaz'nadzor (State Department for Communications) of the Russian Federation, Gossanepidnadzor (State Sanitary and Epidemiological Surveillance Department) of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation, inspectorate of the Russian Federation for fire supervision and other committees of the Russian Federation and administrative authorities.

The full set of executive documentation is issued to the customer and other interested authorities.

Technical maintenance – a complex of operations aimed to maintain serviceability of a product when used according to its purpose, waiting, stored and transported.

Offered types of technical maintenance:

  • Maintenance "upon event".
  • Regulatory maintenance.
  • "Upon condition".

100% technical support for the entire range of offered services.